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Going Strong & Steady | How To Keep Your Love Life Exciting

Couple having so much fun while riding a moped. Keep your love life fresh and exciting with our simple yet effective tips.

Are you at a stage where you feel like your love life is growing stale? Ever looked back at the early dating days when there were butterflies filling your stomach at the sight of your partner? Should your relationship become just plain comfortable and perhaps predictable?

Are these usual questions that prop up in your head whenever you evaluate your romantic relationship? If so, are you even doing anything to bring back the excitement and fun?

Fret not, on this list we share pieces of relationship advice for the longtime partners wanting to keep the flame burning in their love life. No number of years should diminish the fun together.

  • Surprise her!
  • Keeping the element of surprise in the relationship may be the most obvious thing to do for your situation. But how do you do this when you’ve been with each other for so long that you’ve done almost every romantic thing for her? Simple: Switch up the day by inserting little surprises into her usual routine. Visit her at work at a time she would least expect, or do a chore usually assigned to her. Simple yet surprisingly sweet.

  • Text like you are a new couple.
  • Don’t let her inbox be full of only reminders and grocery lists. Send sweet messages while you are apart — this will build anticipation for when you’ll see each other again. Also, don’t be afraid to get flirty with her. Texting is an easy way to keep the romance and intimacy alive.

  • Date nights are still in.
  • Who said you should only stay in now that you are years well into the relationship? Reserve a table at some fancy restaurant and dress up, or, for the more adventurous, drive around without a plan and jump on to the first fun place you end up in. Relive those couple moments like you used to.

    This tip could really be handy if you’re dating a Latina. Latin girls are known to be adventurous souls. So deviate from your usual routine and add a little bit of spontaneity to your dates. She’ll surely love the novelty.

  • Express your love verbally.
  • Your “I love you” may not be enough to give her that giddy feeling anymore. Spice it up by adding more lines to your appreciation — mention what you specifically love about her and why. Why not recite some love poems for her or, better yet, make your own. Anything made with dedication will surely make your love life sweeter than sugar.

  • Ask meaningful questions to each other.
  • What’s for dinner tonight is not the sweetest thing to ask your partner. Where did the interesting questions about their dreams and childhood go? This will give you a special time to bond over things you both like and playfully banter about things you differ in. You can even discuss each other’s long term plans and your hopes for the future of the relationship. Address those issues creeping up as well.

  • Be excited about your partner!
  • Excitement should still be there whenever you see each other, even if it was only hours since you’ve been together. Greet her with a smile, hug and kiss — this conscious effort is an important foundation of a successful love life.

Your relationship can still be warm and exciting even if you are way past the so-called honeymoon stage. Love should continue going and growing. Try these dating tips and see how everything becomes fun and exciting once again.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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