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Itinerary Tips | A Convenient Travel Guide to Colombia

The importance of making an itinerary
Have a hassle-free trip to Colombia by taking note of these helpful itinerary tips!

Planning a trip to Colombia? Take the time to review some helpful itinerary tips that will serve as a convenient guide for your travel to Colombia. Whether your reason for traveling is to meet Latin girls or to experience what the fantastic tourism of Latin America has to offer, it is always best to have an itinerary in hand. With that, you can assure yourself of a safe and not to mention memorable journey!

Here are some helpful tips that you can take note of once you’re ready to prepare for your trip:

  • Keep track of important documents.
  • Traveling to a foreign country has certain regulations that you need to abide by. See to it that all your important documents are safely stored in an envelope and have it ready when needed. This is to secure your entry to Colombia and to ensure a smooth process of the necessary paperwork.

  • Travel light.
  • If this is your first time traveling, keep in mind that a lot of walking will be involved. So to avoid any type of hassle, only pack the essentials. This way, you can also prevent losing any valuable belonging that you didn’t even need to bring in the first place.

  • Purchase a local sim card.
  • One of the things to avoid in Colombia is forgetting to secure a local sim card. Not only will this help in your means of communication, assuming you’ll be traveling with someone or with a group of people, it will also be incredibly important for emergency situations. Once you have your sim card, make sure to save the local emergency contact numbers as well.

  • Organize your schedule.
  • Part of why having an itinerary is important is you can manage your time better. By knowing what schedule you’ll be having for the day, you surely won’t miss out on anything during your entire trip! You can also make adjustments if there are any more activities that you’d like to be a part of.

  • Do a bit of research.
  • Since this is a foreign country you’ll be traveling to, try to be familiar with the means of transportation you’ll be using as you go from one destination to another. You can book certain places you’ll be staying in as well so that once you arrive, you’ll know exactly what to do, where to go, and how to do it.

  • Secure a budget.
  • Most importantly, plan a budget ahead of time and add in a little extra pocket money in case you might need it. Having a budget will also help you keep track of the various costs you’ll be spending during your trip.

Things to Remember When Traveling to Latin America

There are a lot of exciting places to explore in Colombia. Many even come here just to meet the beautiful Colombian women or to find a bride among them. But now that you have an idea why having an itinerary is important for traveling, here are additional tips for going to Colombia:

  • Learn about the country’s history and culture.
  • Colombia has a rich history that helped shape the culture and way of living of its people. Learning this while visiting certain historical monuments and tourist destinations will make you appreciate them even more. This will also allow you to have an open mind about different cultures that affect the world we know today. Their culture is equally important and is worth understanding if you’re planning to pursue a Colombian woman for love and marriage.

  • Join our romance tours.
  • It can’t be helped that you’re bound to meet gorgeous Colombian women along the way. Our renowned singles’ tour is very helpful if you’re having second thoughts about venturing out on your own to meet the ladies there. Here, you will be accompanied by other single men who wish to meet and date a Colombian lady. Hundreds of these women will be joining these tours for you to mingle with, and eventually find one to connect with or hopefully even start a romantic relationship with.

  • Travel to the top tourist attractions.
  • Some of the world’s most fascinating attractions can be found in Colombia. Here are a few places worth mentioning:

    • The famous Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, also known as Catedral de Sal, is a subterranean church that was constructed within the tunnels belonging to a salt mine, and is located 200 metres below the ground. Found in Cundinamarca, Colombia, it is considered as a sacred place of pilgrimage among Colombians.
    • The Tayrona National Park, or Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, is found in Magdalena. Having an abundant biological diversity, this park was built by the Tayrona civilization and is famous for its beautiful rainforest consisting of palm trees that beautifully cover the surrounding bay areas and coastal lagoons which give the entire place an exotic yet natural vibe like no other.
    • In Bogotá you can find the incredible Museum of Gold which showcases the world’s largest selection of gold artifacts. It also boasts a cultural history of various items and materials which can be found on display within the second and third floors of the building.
    • Ciudad Perdida is now an archaeological site found in an ancient city in Santa Marta, Magdalena. The area is continuously patrolled by the Colombian army for the safety of the tourists. Most tourists come here to hike or to simply witness the magnificent view of the 169 terraces that were carved into the mountainside.
    • A Colombian island called San Andrés is located in the Caribbean Sea. Many visit this place to enjoy reggae music while exploring the island’s splendid coral reefs.

At the end of the day, Colombia is just filled with beautiful cities that offer spectacular and breathtaking views which tourists from all around the world come to see. Almost every city has a number of tourist destinations that you can surely visit. An impressive nightlife is also one of the many things that Colombia is famous for, and one that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

All things considered, Colombian women aren’t the only ones you’ll fall in love with as the country has much to offer in terms of its history, culture, and tourism. So be sure to equip yourself with these helpful itinerary tips for your exciting travel to Colombia!

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