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Reasons to Travel to Colombia

An aerial shot of Colombia with the sunset sky in the background
Travel the beautiful city of Colombia and get the chance to experience its rich culture, and the opportunity to meet the country’s beautiful women.

Over the years, Colombia has really flourished in terms of tourism. The country has had its fair share of rough edges, but just on the last decade, Colombia has really turned things around for the better. Like visiting any other countries, however, you should always still keep an extra eye out especially when walking the dark streets at night.

Foreign travel to Colombia time and time again for a handful of reasons. Colombia has striven over the past few years to attain the peace that it so deserves to have today. There are just so many things to see and experience in Colombia, and you surely will not get enough of these things once you experience it yourself for the first time. With all that said, here are a couple of reasons why you should visit Colombia.

  • The people. Once you visit any of the cities in Colombia, being greeted and welcomed by the locals is not a rare occurrence. The people of Colombia are very welcoming to foreigners and treat them with proper hospitality. This endearing nature of Colombian people is one reason why people visit the country frequently. Finding a local friend will not be a difficult thing to do, most likely they’ll try to befriend you first. Colombian people take pride in their rich culture, and they will be more than happy to let you get a glimpse of it.
  • The culture. Colombia was once home to a wide variety of indigenous peoples and ethnic tribes, and the settlement location of people of Caucasian descent. So to say that Colombia houses a very diverse culture today is an understatement. There are a lot of exotic foods and delicacies in the country that you can try out, and they are very delicious too! Their rich culture is also evident in their love for music and dancing. One of the country’s major cities, Cali, is the self-proclaimed salsa capital of the world. There are numerous salsa festivals that occur throughout the year, and even during the off-season, you still hear salsa music being played in the streets.
  • The women. It is no secret, Colombian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. This fact is backed by their presence in the global pageant scene. More than that, these women aren’t just beautiful, they are also intelligent, ambitious, and most importantly, very loyal to their partners. The women of Colombia are mostly of the Roman Catholic faith and are very family oriented. Due to these factors, they were taught to value the importance of family and marriage at a young age. So once these women get married, they will love you for the rest of their lives. Some people, instead of trying to find love online, visit Colombia instead in hopes of marrying Colombian women.
  • The places. Due to Colombia being just across massive bodies of water, Colombia is the home to some of the finest beaches in the world. If you love spending a day in the sun by the ocean, Colombia is certainly the place for you. Colombia also has very beautiful rain forests, museums, national parks, and breathtaking landscapes for you to see. To top it all off, if you want to go out and party during the night to get the chance to meet Colombian singles, the nightlife is also bustling in the major cities. There are definitely so many things to do in Colombia. No wonder people visit the country frequently.

Colombia’s Fascinating Tourist Attractions

Colombia’s wonderful, rich culture is only matched by its amazing tourist destinations. Just a few days trip in the country won’t even cover a portion of the most beautiful places in the country. The most wonderful thing is, there’s a location in the country for people of all kinds of tastes. If you love the ocean, there are a number of resorts for you to stay in. If you want to take in the beauty of mother nature, the country has a tropical forest that is millions of hectares wide, if you love to trek, well, you get my point.

Here are just a few of the many tourist destinations in Colombia. Be sure to check out some of them if ever you visit the country.

  • Zona Cafetera
  • This is also known as Eje Cafetero and is a paradise for coffee lovers. Colombian coffee is considered by many to be the best in the world, and to see its production and harvest is certainly something all coffee drinkers should witness if they ever visit Colombia.

  • Tayrona National Natural Park
  • This place is a wonderful conservation area and is one of the most beautiful and most frequently visited parks in the world. This park is home to many species of wildlife, so if you’re an animal lover, you will certainly love this place. It is also very relaxing because of the presence of the Caribbean coast. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to swim in these waters. Just visit here if you want to spend time with nature and relax. This place is a must.

  • San Andres
  • San Andres is an island in the Caribbean Sea and is the place to visit you’re a lover of the sea. The ocean lifestyle is supremely active here, with reggae music blasting through speakers in resorts everywhere. You also have the option to scuba dive and snorkel to see the beautiful coral reefs and even shipwrecks on the sea bed. Swim in the crystal-clear blue sea and adapt to the way of living of the islands in this wonderful tourist destination.

  • Palace of the Inquisition
  • This museum is an architectural masterpiece and houses traditional and historical artifacts. If you want to get in touch and be acquainted with the history of Colombia, or if you’re simply a fan of architecture, you should most definitely visit this place.

  • Ciudad Perdida
  • This place is perfect for trekkers everywhere, with very challenging trails and awesome views, and an astounding 4-day journey if you really want to experience the whole thing. This place is made for those adventure and thrill seekers. Just make sure you are prepared physically and mentally to walk at least 14 kilometers a day—for 4 straight days! It sounds tough, but don’t worry, it’s most certainly rewarding.

These are just a handful of places that you can visit if you travel to Colombia as the country has a massive inventory of tourist spot destinations. You will certainly fall in love with the place, and perhaps, with its people, and its women! Then you will finally understand why so many people return here after already visiting it. So many people seek beautiful places and wonderful adventures, and they can find it in this country. So many people try to find the secret to finding love, and they will find it here.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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