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Should You Learn Spanish When Dating Colombian Women?

Silhouette of a man and a woman Learning a new language can break down borders in international dating | Photo by geralt on

There are a lot of men all over the world who want to start dating Colombian women. The thing is that many of them live in Latina America and these men who want to date them aren’t always on the same continent as them. So in order to connect with them, many men turn to online relationship sites. You could be among those men.

The thing is that most Colombian women speak Spanish, because that’s the de facto language in Colombia. Online relationships statistics, and relationship statistics in general, don’t always favor relationships where both partners may not speak each other’s language. So it’s not an entirely terrible idea to maybe pick up some Spanish phrases, if not become fluent in the language entirely.

There are actually a lot of benefits to learning a new language, not the least of which because it can seem like a pretty great romantic gesture—kind of like in those old movies where one character runs through an airport to stop their love interest from getting on a plane that’s going to take them to some new place far away from their one true love.

  • It Reminds Them of Home
  • The first and most salient point as to learning your foreign lover’s language is that it’s romantic. If she leaves her home, her entire family, and her social support system, then she’s probably going to get a little homesick. That’s one of the main pitfalls of international dating; someone is probably going to end up homesick and that’s not fun.

    So having a partner that takes the effort to learn at least a couple of phrases of their language can make them feel like the new place that they live in is home. Feeling like their new place is a home can make their transition a lot easier.

  • Knowing more than One Language is Cool
  • Some people have special talents, things that they can bust out that impresses the people around them or something they can put on their CV to make it stand out a little bit. Sometimes, this party trick can be able to twist your tongue into a star shape.

    For others, this party trick is being able to speak a different language, a feature of their skillset that they can bust out as needed. It can be a neat little skill that can be tucked away until someone needs to be impressed.

  • It Opens Up a New Avenue for Sweet Talk
  • If there’s one thing that a guy should do when he’s dating Latin girls, it’s that he has to be romantic. But the thing about romance is that a lot of it is vocal in nature. Whispering sweet nothings and whatnot is an essential part of being romantic and all that.

    However, while the English language is pretty vast, it’s also pretty limited because all languages are limited. There is only a finite number of words that constitutes the English language and only finite ways to combine those words into phrases that are romantic in nature.

    But knowing a second language can drastically increase one's vocabulary. A second language has its own words and own ways to string those words together to create a romantic phrase, which means that the ability to whisper sweet nothings and whatnot while dating Colombian women increases significantly.

    A little bit of sweet talk can help to move an online relationship forward as well.

  • Learning is Like Exercise, but for the Brain
  • The brain is an organ, it’s an internal organ of the body. Like a lot of internal organs, it has a specific function. But it also needs to be exercised, to be stimulated. A lot of people stimulate their minds with scintillating conversation.

    But the thing about conversation is that it’s a two-way street and generally requires at least one other person to be present in order to be facilitated. But learning a language does not need another person. There are plenty of apps you can download or programs that you can purchase to help you learn a new language and these apps and programs can be used all on your own.

    Learning a new language can help to improve memory and to keep the overall cognitive health of the brain in fine form.

  • It Shows that You Care
  • Relationships are all about putting in some effort. You’ve probably looked up some online relationships advice to make sure that the whole thing works out well for you in the end.

    In order to make sure that it all works out, you have to put some effort into the whole thing, because exerting effort in the relationship shows that you care enough about your partner to put in the work.

    Learning her language can be a great way to show that you’re ready to put in that work and that you’re more than ready to go the distance with her.

  • It can be a New Hobby
  • There are twenty-fours in a day, sixty minutes an hour, and Sixty seconds to a minute. All in all, that adds up to a lot of time. Not using that time wisely can lead to a lot of boredom. But that boredom can be avoided as long as there is something with which to occupy the time.

    Learning a new language can be complicated and time-consuming, so boredom is not really going to be a factor when trying to do so.

    Romance is a universal language. People understand love without having to speak a word. But words do have to be spoken out loud at some point. While romance is universal, language is not. Two people from two different countries may not be able to speak each other’s languages with instantaneous fluency.

    Dating Colombian women isn’t something that every man gets to do. Those that are lucky enough to do so should make it a point to welcome her into his life, and learning her language is one way of doing just that. Sure, it can be hard at times, but making someone feel loved can be well worth the effort.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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